Tuesday, June 18

Beyond spas: Wellness travel is booming

A breeze is playing through the palm fronds while aquamarine water laps at the white sand. On another sun-drenched day at the Maldives’ first destination wellness resort, Joali Being (Joali.com), guests are zenning out on the meditation deck and inside the sound therapy room, heating up in the sauna or immersing themselves in sub-zero temperatures in the cryo-chamber. Me, I’m chatting to director of wellbeing, Susanne Fisch, about quantum physics.

“The latest research is really being embraced by the wellness industry,” she says, explaining that treatments such as sound therapy and energetic healing are informed by the work of quantum physicists. “It is looking at the electromagnetic fields that your heart and brain emit, how to get your energy and your vibrations aligned so you feel grounded.”

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