Sunday, December 3

Wellness exercises to get you through gloomy days

It’s another payday and we are (in all senses of the word) spent. After a high-stress work week, it is all too easy to barrel through a weekend without having done any sort of recuperating, but self-care is a must for even the busiest workers. Take a point or two from this week’s Lifestyle Inquirer Editorial Picks of wellness practices, curated by Fitness expert Mitch Felipe Mendoza, so you’re back and ready to go for whatever life has in store for you. Enjoy your weekend, readers!

1. Outdoor walking

Being in touch with nature while you move can keep you calm and reduce loneliness. Diverting your attention to the trees, clouds, sand and the land can remind you how great life is. At the same time, doing something about your health by exercising can improve your energy and really make you feel good.

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