Tuesday, June 18

From sunburn to bug bites: 5 natural home remedies for summer ailments

None of us go unscathed when it comes to the discomforts that come with enjoying the outdoors during the summer.

Whether you’re camping, frolicking at the beach or gardening in your backyard, a day of fun in the sun often comes with a side of discomfort or pain thanks to the plants and critters we come in contact with.

But according to Dr. Taz Bhatia, integrative medicine physician, certified nutrition specialist and host of the “Super Woman Wellness” podcast, a trip to the drugstore may not be necessary. Whether your medicine cabinet doesn’t hold the antidote to your specific ailment or you’re looking for a natural alternative to the drugstore cure, she shares home remedies for common summer pains using ingredients you likely have on hand.

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