Friday, June 9

From Fashion To Flower To Foreplay: Brett Heyman On Flower By Edie Parker’s Move Into Sexual Wellness

CBD is booming business; amidst the heightened stress of the past year, people can’t get enough of cannabidiol in all forms. The breakout and anxiety-relieving benefits of CBD specifically have catapulted cannabis products into the mainstream—by 2025, the CBD skincare market is estimated to reach a value of $1.7 billion, according to Grand View Research. But the de-stigmatization of cannabis remains dependent on viewing it through a health and wellness lens; few brands embrace the act of getting high.

“Yes, there are lots of health and wellness benefits [to cannabis] but people talk about that already,” Brett Heyman, the founder of cannabis accessory line Flower by Edie Parker, tells Forbes. “Our brand headline is ‘for a good time;’ there is no shame in wanting to get high.” Since launching in 2019, Flower by Edie Parker has been redefining cannabis use by designing eye-catching accessories meant to be proudly displayed.

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