Sunday, December 3

Plant-based diets critical to wildlife preservation: report

The global food system is the biggest driver of destruction of the natural world, and a shift to predominantly plant-based diets is crucial in halting the damage, according to a report.

Agriculture is the main threat to 86 per cent of the 28,000 species known to be at risk of extinction, the report by the Chatham House think tank said. Without change, the loss of biodiversity will continue to accelerate and threaten the world’s ability to sustain humanity, it said.

The root cause is a vicious circle of cheap food, the report said, where low costs drive bigger demand for food and more waste, with more competition then driving costs even lower through more clearing of natural land and use of polluting fertilizers and pesticides.

The report, supported by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), focused on three solutions. First is a shift to plant-based diet because cattle, sheep and other livestock have the biggest impact on the environment.

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