Wednesday, December 6

Herbs for a cure: How bronchitis led to a beauty company’s creation

When Lynn Kirkland started her skincare company, The Herb Farm, (initially called Herbal Harmony when it was in the “cupboard” stages) her son Craig was suffering from consistent, painful bronchitis.

Nothing seemed to stop it from returning.

“Mum says the pivotal turning point for her was when she went back again to the doctor and said ‘what else can we do, because this isn’t working?’ and the doctor shrugged his shoulders and said ‘I don’t know,’” says Lynn’s daughter, The Herb Farm managing director Sarah Cowan.

“She thought, ‘that’s not good enough. There must be something else.’ And she had always been interested in nature, so that was her first port of call. What can nature offer?”

Kirkland began studying a herbal medicine diploma through correspondence, from the Australasian College of Herbal Studies, not knowing she’d be building a future legacy for her whole family.

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