Tuesday, December 5

The Buzz on Honey: A Natural Way to Lower Triglycerides?

In a world increasingly turning to natural remedies, honey is creating a buzz for its potential to lower triglycerides.

A recent article from Medical News Today dives into this sweet subject, examining various studies that suggest honey may be more than just a natural sweetener.

A 2021 review of seven clinical trials found that natural honey significantly reduced triglyceride levels while also positively impacting cholesterol. Another review in 2022 supported these findings.

Theories abound on why honey has this effect. Some researchers point to compounds in honey similar to niacin, a vitamin known for its triglyceride-lowering properties. Others suggest that honey may stimulate the release of insulin, which could also contribute to lower triglyceride levels.

While the research is promising, it’s clear that more studies are needed to fully understand honey’s role in heart health.