Monday, May 20

Avoiding burnout: Health and wellness tips for juggling a job and a side hustle

Gone are the days when holding down one job was the norm. It’s 2023, and the workplace has been radically transformed. More and more people are spicing up their professional lives, not with just their 9-to-5, but with a side gig that they’re super passionate about. Side hustles — be it a crafty Etsy shop, freelance writing, or a budding tech startup — are all the rage now. But, here’s the rub: with this growing trend comes the challenge of managing it all without burning out. Can we really have our cake and eat it too?

The rise of side hustles and the shadow of burnout

Side hustles aren’t just a fad; they’ve practically become a new cornerstone of the modern working world. For some, it’s about supplementing their income in this unpredictable economy.

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