Tuesday, March 28

Oregon County Considers Banning Legalized Psilocybin Therapy

Linn County, a mostly rural area of Oregon, is considering banning psilocybin services. In November 2020, Oregon voters approved legalizing psilocybin therapy through Measure 109. Currently in its implementation phase, itauthorizes psilocybin “service centers,” where trained and licensed “facilitators” will administer psilocybin to patients, who will need no specific medial diagnosis. But under the law, individual counties have the right to vote to opt out.

On June 21, the three-member Linn County Commission unanimously decided to put the issue on the general election ballot this November, giving voters the option to ban psilocybin services. The county is less favorable to psilocybin than the state as a whole: Roughly 55 percent of county voters said no to Measure 109 in 2020; statewide, 55 percent voted yes.

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