Tuesday, December 5

7 Allergy-Safe Food Swaps for Those With Food Allergies

Millions of Americans have food allergies. Our DIY hacks and some savvy shopping can help you avoid the most common triggers when you’re hosting, packing school lunches, or managing an allergy of your own.


For the occasional egg substitute in baking, use a flax “egg.” Mix a tablespoon of ground flaxseed with a scant three tablespoons of water. Let it sit for 15 minutes, then add it to your recipe. The seeds will basically disappear into the final product. If you bake regularly, pick up Bob’s Red Mill Egg Replacer, a powder that’s primarily potato starch and tapioca flour. And for egg-forward preparations, like frittatas and scrambles, opt for a plant-based egg substitute, like Just Egg. Made from mung beans, it mimics the flavor and texture of beaten eggs surprisingly well.

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