Monday, May 20

Natural ways to curb food cravings and lose weight

Do you often experience a strong urge to eat something unhealthy which persists till you actually give in to that craving and end up regretting each time? Eating more than your body requires and consuming high calorie and high fat diet frequently could lead to disastrous consequences for your health over a period of time. Pregnancy is known to be one such phase when expecting mothers tend to crave a specific kind of food. There could be other factors too which can cause food cravings from PMS, lack of sleep, poor nutrition and hydration, eating processed foods. Stress and mood swings could also trigger unhealthy cravings. (Also read: Intense exercise during diet can help reduce fatty food cravings, says new study)

Gurpreet Kaur, Senior Clinical Nutritionist, Cloudnine Group of Hospitals, Chandigarh suggests natural ways to get rid of food cravings and avoiding health issues.

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