Monday, June 5

Diet resolutions: 6 things to know about eating less meat and more plant-based foods

Many people are making changes to their diets to eat healthier or in a more environmentally friendly manner. They might choose to eat less meat, less sugar or even adopt an entirely vegan diet. A growing number, however, are choosing a plant-based diet that focuses on foods that come from plants, but may still include animal products, such as meat or cheese.

American biochemist Thomas Colin Campbell coined the term “plant-based” in the 1980s to better explain his research on diet and nutrition. The term surged in popularity in 2016 when Campbell’s book The China Study was reprinted and alternative meat products such as Beyond Burger and Impossible Burger were launched.

Since then, plant-based foods have taken the world by storm. They are everywhere: fast-food chains, restaurant menus, grocery stores, social media, food blogs and on your plate. The global plant-based food market is predicted to reach a market valuation of US$38.4 billion by 2025.

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