Tuesday, March 28

Judge rules GMO salmon needs more environmental assessment, but can still be sold

Genetically modified food — which will be labeled as “bioengineered,” per the federal labeling law — has been a flashpoint of controversy throughout the last decade. But this court decision could easily be seen as a win for both sides. AquaBounty got most of what it wanted, and the FDA approval of GMO salmon still stands. But opponents secured a victory by forcing more stringent environmental consideration for new GMO food.

This lawsuit was filed soon after FDA granted its approval for AquAdvantage, which can grow twice as fast as wild salmon, and is raised in tanks at a facility in Indiana. The salmon, which has a growth hormone gene from the Pacific Chinook variety and a gene from the ocean pout species, is the first GMO species that has been approved for human consumption. And, according to The Counter, these GMO salmon are “effectively sterile.”

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