Sunday, December 3

Are there Benefits to Genetically Modified Food?

Genetically modified food (GMO) is more common than ever. Still, people often view it as the product of a dystopian society. Thus, there’s a tendency to reject it. After all, modifying something as established as the genetic code of our surroundings can’t be good, right?

Thus, different interviews revealed that the rejection of these types of food is fairly high among the population. This is because 33.4% of those interviewed think they provide more harm than benefits, while their acceptance is only 22.8%.

There are still mixed feelings on this topic, but first, let’s be clear as to what a GMO actually is.

What’s genetically modified food?

Genetically modified food is food resulting from an organism modified by genetic engineering. In these foods, genes from another living being have been incorporated to produce the desired characteristic. Therefore, not all commercial foods have this characteristic.

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