Monday, July 22

Cleveland Clinic Unveils Cutting-Edge Wellness and Diet App

The Cleveland Clinic has launched an innovative wellness and diet coaching app, offering users personalized health guidance backed by evidence-based nutrition science. Developed in collaboration with FitNow, Inc., the¬†Cleveland Clinic Diet app¬†combines expert advice with advanced food and fitness tracking technology.The app features two customizable tracks and provides access to courses from specialists in various health fields. Users can easily log meals through barcode scanning, photo capture, or voice logging, with the latter boasting high accuracy in food and quantity detection.Julia Zumpano, a registered dietitian at Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Human Nutrition, emphasizes the app’s holistic approach: “We aim to help individuals overcome barriers and support them in creating lasting improvements in their health.”Available for a free 7-day trial, the app has already received recognition as a Gold recipient in the Spring 2024 Digital Health Awards.