Tuesday, June 18

Best hayfever remedies: 8 symptom relievers from natural treatments to nasal sprays

With around 18 million hayfever sufferers in Britain, the warmer months can be a dreadful time for sufferers as itchy streaming eyes and noses take hold.

Dr Subashini M, Director of Science, Health & Wellness and Clinical Lead at Holland & Barrett says: “In the UK, hay fever symptoms are mostly triggered by pollen from trees, grasses, and weeds, as well as environmental moulds. The time of year your symptoms flare up can give you an idea of which type of pollen you’re reacting to.”

Different types of pollen will be more prevalent than others at differing times throughout the summer months. From February to June, tree pollen will be the main culprit, and from May to July – grass pollen, which is the most common hayfever trigger. And then from June to September, weed pollen will kick in.

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