Wednesday, December 6

Goodbye dark patches: 6 natural remedies that will make you want to flaunt your underarms confidently

A tropical country like India where summer tends to last all year makes you want to wear sleeveless clothes all the time. But the majority of us refrain from this type of clothing, afraid of the dark patches in our underarms that people might notice whenever we lift our arms (a serious embarrassment). We often tend to forget to care for those underarms that rarely cause any trouble other than sweating. But the sensitive skin of the armpits can lead to rashes, pimples, ingrown hair if neglected.

Several factors lead to the darkness of the underarms. The chemical in deodorants that we use to keep us fresh causes discolouration. Obesity, shaving, friction from clothes, build-up of dead cells, certain medications and even smoking contribute to discolouration. Don’t worry, we bring you some homemade remedies that can lighten up your underarms in no time.

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