Monday, May 20

Nutritionist’s 21 tweaks to boost your healthy diet and help you lose weight

There are specific foods that double as fat blockers and fat burners, for example, and starch blockers and appetite suppressants. And did you know that the different timing, frequencies, and combinations of foods can also matter?

Here are 21 tips that can supplement broader advice on losing weight. You don’t have to complete the full checklist every day – you don’t have to hit any.

1 — Preload with water
Coldwater boosts your metabolism. Have two cups before each meal to also help you feel more full.

2 — Preload with ‘negative calorie’ foods
Just changing the order in which you eat your foods can have a meaningful metabolic impact. Starting each meal with an apple, light soup or salad may also later reduce your appetite for other, high-calorie-density foods.

3 — Enjoy undistracted meals
Don’t eat while watching TV or playing on your phone.

4 — Follow the 20-minute rule
Studies have demonstrated that boosting the amount of time food is in our mouths can result in lower caloric intake, so extend meal duration to at least 20 minutes. Choose bulkier, harder, chewier foods and take smaller, well-chewed bites.

5 — Incorporate vinegar
Flavor meals or dress a side salad with two teaspoons of vinegar, as it has been found to assist in weight loss.

6 — Cumin
A half teaspoon of regular cumin at lunch and dinner has been shown to help lose weight.

7 — Black cumin
Trials have found that a quarter teaspoon of black cumin powder every day also appears to reduce the body.

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