Tuesday, June 18

5 Neglected Natural Remedies For Lower Back Pain

Persistent pain in the lower back is mostly due to our sedentary lifestyle. We often spend a large part of our days sitting. We sit for the entire day in the office working on our laptops, then while commuting, eating dinner, watching our favorite show late at night, everything in a seated position, which puts a lot of pressure on our lower back and in the end, we experience an irresistible pain.

But these tricks only provide you temporary relief and the pain returns the next day. Here are some small tweaks that you can make in your daily routine to get rid of nasty lower back pain.

• Exercise regularly

As we spend our entire day in a seated position, it is crucial to exercise to relax our back muscles. Exercising regularly strengthens our back, stomach and leg muscles. Strong muscles support our spine and relieve back pain.

• Heat and cold therapy

Heat and ice therapy works well in relieving back pain. Ice therapy reduces inflammation and heat therapy relaxes your muscles and improves blood circulation.

• Get proper sleep

Bad sleeping posture can even lead to chronic back pain in the morning. So, make sure you sleep for 7-8 hours at night in a good posture. Apart from this, your mattress and pillow can also give you lower back pain. So change them if they are 7 years old.

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