Sunday, December 3

Tonsil Stones: Home Remedies To Try

Tonsil stones are calcified stone formations found on the tonsils (pair of lymph nodes) at the rear end of the throat, right on top of the mouth. The formations are not noticeable until you suffer from consistent bad breath and poor dental hygiene.

Eventually, food particles and bacteria accumulate in the region, specifically when the tonsils stop producing antibodies to prevent bacteria from entering the inner recesses of the oral cavity.

Symptoms include pain during swallowing, sore throats, and inflamed tonsils. As the first-line treatment, home remedies are known to be effective. Some of them are as listed below.


Turn the toothbrush around and use the backside to gently move the stone out of the backend of the mouth. Be careful not to hurt yourself and cause bleeding. It could also help to brush the tongue and teeth several times to prevent more bacteria from adding on to the tonsils and worsening the stones’ condition.

Gargling With Saltwater

Add half a teaspoon of salt to warm water then gargle with the liquid for 10-15 seconds, which may unfasten the tonsil stones to an extent. Try this a few times and don’t overdo it.

Low-Pressure Irrigator

Water irrigators are available online to purchase and the low-pressure ones such as the water flosser could be useful to dislodge tonsil stones effectively. It works best in front of a well-lit mirror when directly targeting the tonsil stones with a water flosser. Children should stay away from this method since it can lead to choking if used carelessly.

Cottons Swabs

Insert a dampened cotton swab towards the fag end of the mouth and gently jab the tonsil stones. Be sure that it is done in such a way that it does not cause injury. Try only a few smooth and gentle pokes, otherwise you risk the rupturing of the blood vessels around the tonsils.

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