Tuesday, June 18

25 Years of GMOs

It has been 25 years since GMO crops first came on the market. Since then, GMOs have not just transformed agriculture by providing a valuable tool for farmers, but they have also helped the environment, consumers, and communities around the world.

GMOs are an important tool in the fight against climate change, thanks to no-till farming which allows for lower CO2 emissions and helps soil health and water quality.

GMOs also preserve habitats by allowing farmers to grow more on less land.

Over 25 years, GMOs have helped provide greater food security through increased yields and GMOs that help fight food waste.

GMOs have also helped consumers through lower food prices, and farmers through increased return on investment, especially in low-income countries.

GMOs are an important part of a farmer’s toolbox and will continue to help us address future challenges like a growing population and a changing climate.

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