Sunday, December 3

How to go vegan naturally with unprocessed plant-based foods

Whether it’s due to growing health awareness, curiosity about climate-friendly diets or concern for animal welfare, the trend towards plant-based eating is showing no signs of waning. 

Over the past five years, the volume of searches for vegan recipes on Google has roughly doubled.

And as more people switch to a meat-free diet, a wave of products is emerging to cater to them. From vegan pizzas to plant-based burgers, the meat-free crowd now enjoys a wider range of food options than ever.

But are these processed meat alternatives really necessary when going vegan? Sydney nutritionist Zoe Dent says natural foods such as chickpeas and other legumes tend to be healthier than manufactured “fake meats”, which can be low in nutrients and high in sodium, sugar, additives and saturated fats.

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