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34 Amazing Wheatgrass Benefits for Health, Hair and Beauty (Backed by Science!)

Wheatgrass boasts some impressive nutritional stats. One ounce of wheatgrass contains: 120 calories 8 grams of dietary fiber 240% of the RDA of vitamin A 93% of the RDA of vitamin C 356% of the RDA of iron 12% of the RDA of calcium 8 grams of protein Unlike any other health food, here are 34 reasons 1. Treat Skin Diseases 2. Lose Weight 3. Reduce Food Cravings 4. Detox Your Cells 5. Improve Immunity 6. Stimulate Circulation 7. Improve Digestion 8. Treat Arthritis 9. Reduce Fatigue 10. Get Rid of Body Odor 11. Treat Skin Wounds 12. Prevent Tooth Decay 13. Cleanse the Liver 14. Treat Sunburn 15. Stabilize Lipid Levels 16. Clear Sinus Congestion 17. Get Rid of Acne 18. Prevent Cancer 19. Fight the Common Cold 20. Treat a Hangover 21. Improve the Mood 22. De...
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Black Currant Seed Oil – Immunosystem Booster!

In berry form, black currant has been used for a range of conditions from Alzheimer’s disease and upper respiratory tract infections to muscle fatigue and peripheral arterial disease (PAD). The dried leaf of black currants, when taken orally, also addresses several medical problems, including arthritis, gout, rheumatism, diarrhea, colic, hepatitis, liver ailments, convulsions, and inflammatory disorders of the mouth and throat. Additionally, black currant dried leaf can relieve coughs, colds and whooping cough; purify urine and promote larger output; and treat bladder stones. The leaf makes a good cleansing tea as well. For insect bites or minor wounds, black currant leaf applied topically can soothe the skin, according to the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database. Significant res...