Tuesday, June 18

Mansfield Entrepreneurs Launch ‘The Wellness Paper’ to Promote Healthier Living

MANSFIELD, OH – In an effort to foster healthier lifestyles, local residents Kristi Berg and Brandie Johnson have introduced “The Wellness Paper,” a newsletter dedicated to health and wellness. Since its launch in April, the publication has aimed to provide readers with practical tips, insights, and inspiration to lead more balanced lives.

Berg and Johnson, both passionate about holistic health, believe their newsletter fills a vital gap in the community by offering accessible wellness resources. “We want to make wellness achievable for everyone, regardless of their starting point,” said Berg.

The Wellness Paper covers a range of topics, from nutrition and fitness to mental health and self-care, making it a comprehensive guide for those seeking to improve their overall well-being.

For more information on their initiative and to subscribe to the newsletter, visit The Wellness Paper.