Monday, May 20

Kraken Kratom Unveils Game-Changing Nano Kratom Shots

In a groundbreaking move, Kraken Kratom, a leading name in the kratom industry, has launched an innovative line of Nano Kratom Shots. The company has utilized a unique nano-emulsification process to enhance the bioavailability of active alkaloids in these shots, offering consumers an optimized kratom experience without synthetic additives. The new line features four different liquid kratom shots, each crafted to deliver a robust and unique experience.

The Zenith NANO 250 Kratom Shot stands out, suppressing kratom’s inherently bitter profile with organic flavors and delivering an impressive 250mg of mitragynine per 15ml bottle. “We are pushing the boundaries with our new line of Nano Kratom shots,” said Jenn Lauder, Director of Marketing at Kraken Kratom. The company remains committed to setting industry standards with this new line, inviting everyone to sample these innovative shots.

For more details, read the full article on The Bakersfield Californian.