Monday, July 22

In Australia, Mediterranean Diet Costs Less than Alternatives, Study Finds

New research from the University of Southern Australia confirmed the Mediterranean diet is good for health and fits a lower weekly budget.

The study compared food baskets of the Mediterranean, the typical Australian Western and the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating diets.

The Mediterranean diet was more cost-effective than other standard diets, saving 28 Australian dollars (€17) per week while offering higher nutritional value.

Many people may think that eating healthy’ is expensive and it takes a lot of time to prepare and cook food,” Karen Murphy, an associate professor at the University of Southern Australia, told Olive Oil Times.

We know from previous research from around the world and from our studies here in Australia that the Mediterranean diet is a healthy dietary pattern; Australians can follow the pattern and, as a result, achieve benefits to their cardiovascular health and memory,” she added.

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