Monday, July 22

Wellness Wednesday: The Importance of Recovery Hydration (Try This Challenge!)

In this installment of Wellness Wednesday, longtime Swimming World contributor Dawn Weatherwax reviews the importance of recovery through hydration.

Hydration is broken down into two segments: Performance hydration and recovery hydration. This article focuses on the latter.

Recovery hydration means the athlete is fully rehydrated by the end of the day. This ensures the body and brain are optimally recuperating while they sleep. However, 76% of athletes show up dehydrated to morning training, and 66% show up to all the other trainings 1% dehydrated.

To obtain ideal hydration, an athlete needs enough fluid and sodium each day to match their individual needs.


If you are 1% dehydrated, performance can decline up to 12%!

• Reduces speed and recovery

• Decreases concentration and focus

• Increases susceptibility to injuries

• Accelerates fatigue

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