Tuesday, June 18

How to save money with these natural remedies

The shift towards using more real, natural ingredients in the home has been slow and steady, but I think over the last few years the benefits to our health as well as the planet have become clearer.

Asthma and eczema sufferers suddenly shifting their daily environment from office to working from home saw their symptoms melt away, with the liberal use of industrial and harsh chemical cleaning substance in workspaces blamed. Simplifying the materials we are exposed to is lighter on our system, as well as our wallet when we look at how to make them ourselves.

Natural remedies have often held the stigma of being less effective, messy and complicated. However, as I moved from the world of recipe-creating in the kitchen to isolating ingredients to create remedies for specific needs for my family, I came to learn how simple they can be, using every day, easily acquired materials.

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