Saturday, June 10

Natural Treatment Options for Osteoporosis

Traditional treatment options for osteoporosis include fall prevention, exercise, adequate nutrition, and medications. In addition to traditional options, natural remedies may be beneficial. The goal of treating osteoporosis is to prevent further bone damage.

Some bone loss is a natural part of aging, but hormonal changes, family history, and certain lifestyle factors, such as a poor-quality diet and smoking, can contribute to osteoporosis.

This article investigates natural treatment options that can be utilized in the treatment and management of osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis Diet

Bone building occurs during childhood; people experience peak bone mass sometime during their 20s.2 To prevent osteoporosis, it is important to achieve peak bone mass, which requires eating a nutritious diet that contains foods rich in calcium, magnesium, selenium, vitamin K, vitamin D, and protein. To treat osteoporosis, you still need to get enough of these nutrients.

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