Monday, July 22

Can Wellness Shots Boost Immunity, or Are They Just Juice?

Since practically forever, people have been searching for ways to boost their immune systems, whether through supplements or their diet. While researchers continue to investigate just how possible that really is, the lack of scientific evidence hasn’t stopped new products from emerging, often with creative delivery systems.

A recent one is wellness shots, or immunity shots, which claim to deliver immune-boosting nutrients via a gulp or two of liquid. To clear up any confusion, the name refers to a nonalcoholic version of the kind of shot you’d order at a bar, and not the kind of shot delivered via a needle. You can find immunity and wellness shots at juice bars and in grocery stores.

Drinking a round in the name of escaping cold and flu season unscathed sounds like it could be fun, but do wellness shots actually provide any of their touted benefits?

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