Tuesday, June 18

The Ten Wellness Trends You Need To Know In 2023

If you’ve spent any time on the wellness side of the internet, you’ve likely been met with a plethora of fitness fads and health trends. From cracking the circadian cycle to immersing yourself in an emotional escape room, brush up on your wellness vernacular with these techniques and innovations to put on your radar for the year ahead.

One: Soft Living

TikTok is rife with wellness trends, and the start of the year is when they really flourish. From the space that gave you #hotgirlwalk and #pilatesprincess, get ready for #softlife. Coined by Black female influencers, it’s about slowing down and doing less. As Lady Stargazer puts it, “Healing seems to be the key to unlocking a soft lifestyle. It allows us to be gentle with ourselves and others, and allows us to recharge so we can breathe it into our friends, families, hobbies and passions.”

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