Tuesday, June 18

Botanical immune boosters with a side of zinc

For years, the average consumer had a vague, abstract understanding of the immune system. But 2020 served as a global Immune Health 101 class, creating consumers that recognized the importance of a lifestyle comprised of proper nutrition, exercise and stress management.

What’s more, broader acceptance of a lifestyle promoting immune health helped consumers develop habits lasting longer than just “flu season” as they now aim to bolster their health through the entire year.

Immune Health: Special Report 2020” from Nutrition Business Journal (NBJ) indicated that although vitamins and minerals continue to lead in sales, herb and botanical blends are picking up speed. In fact, NBJ data on consumer knowledge and practices showed nearly 30% of consumers deliberately choose supplements including those ingredients. This suggests that while people continue to trust what they know and recognize, desire also exists for new and efficacious ingredient blends.

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