Tuesday, December 5

In a world of lab-grown and processed food, what is ‘natural’?

Lab-grown alternatives mimic traditional products consumers have long considered ‘natural’. Does that mean they’re ‘natural’ too? GettyImages/Anetlanda

Strolling down the aisle of any supermarket, consumers are met with ‘natural’ claims left, right, and centre. But in Europe, no legal definition of the term ‘natural’ exists. What is meant by ‘all natural ingredients’, ‘100% natural’, and ‘natural colours’ – claims commonplace on-pack – is therefore open to interpretation.

At the same time, on the global stage, novel technologies are coming to market. Precision fermentation technology is producing bio-identical dairy proteins and real meat is being grown in labs from animal stem cells. Both of these lab-grown alternatives mimic traditional, familiar products consumers have long considered ‘natural’.

Could that make them ‘natural’ too? FoodNavigator investigates.

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