Monday, July 22

Doctors say trendy turmeric supplements can cause liver damage and urge Americans to know the risks

New research attributed a small but growing number of liver-damage cases to turmeric supplements.

Researchers identified 10 cases of liver problems from turmeric supplements, one resulting in death.

Clinical evidence doesn’t support turmeric use to treat or prevent any disease, one doctor said.

Liver damage from turmeric supplements in the US, though still rare, appears to have increased in recent years, according to a new report by the Drug Induced Liver Injury Network, a federally funded research group.​

DILIN researchers identified 10 cases in which patients — who were mostly middle-age white women — developed a range of liver problems attributed to turmeric. Five of the patients were hospitalized, and one of them died.

The group had data on suspected drug-induced liver injury, including from supplements, from 2004 to 2022. But all the cases that showed turmeric as a highly probable cause for injury occurred after 2011.

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