Tuesday, December 5

Time for a Tech-Up: The growth of health gadgets

Meticulously logging every detail of every minute of your day probably seems like a mind-numbingly dull way to pass the time.

And, until relatively recently, it was something that only the smallest minority of people would even attempt to do.

But in just a few years the paradigm has shifted, and the “quantified self” has become a mainstream pursuit.

What is ‘the quantified self’?

It’s a very clunky term for what is a fairly simple concept.

Essentially, it’s about using technology to record and measure what you’re doing in your daily life.

It generally has a health focus – so that might be measuring your movement, or the food you’re eating. But it could be about logging anything; like how much time you spend reading, practicing an instrument, or looking at your phone.

And the idea is that you can then take that information and use it to make improvements.

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