Wednesday, December 6

Migraine: Causes, Impact, And Home Remedies Around It

In recent years, severe headaches and migraines have emerged as leading causes of disability among people of all ages. Unlike a ‘regular’ headache that can be managed with medical management and home remedies, a migraine is an aggressive and painful condition which may even blur one’s vision, cause nausea and vomiting, or trigger sensitivity to sound and light. The (WHO) World Health Organization projects the global prevalence of existing migraine to be 10 per cent and the lifetime prevalence to be 14 per cent. Furthermore, data suggest that approximately 3000 migraine attacks occur daily worldwide.

Surprisingly, headache disorders and migraine, in particular, are much more prevalent in women. Studies have highlighted that one in every four to five women suffers from Migraine compared to one in 15 men.

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