Thursday, February 22

Health and Wellness: Balance problems? Three signs it could be ‘in your head’

As we get older – balance problems tend to creep up on us. Everything from poor vision to weak muscles to stiff joints can have an impact on how steady we are on our feet. Activities like Yoga and Tai Chi are great for improving balance because they help you to focus and become more aware of how your body is moving. Having a strong core and leg muscles are also key.

But what if you’ve been working on all of these areas and your balance still hasn’t improved?

There’s one other huge contributor to balance and it’s called your vestibular system. It’s one of our three major balance systems and it’s located in your inner ear – literally in your head. Your vestibular system is responsible for sensing movement and changes in your head position and when it’s not working properly, it will definitely impact your balance.

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