Wednesday, December 6

Can mouth taping really help you sleep better?

TikTok is your one-stop shop for ‘WTF’ wellness trends, and mouth taping is one of the latest.

The practice involves gently sealing your lips shut with specialist tape (no, not that old roll of Sellotape you found in the drawer) before going to bed at night, to encourage nasal breathing and prevent snoring.

The #mouthtaping hashtag currently has 25.4 million views on TikTok, and if social media wellness ‘gurus’ are to be believed, it will change your life. One user with 68,000 likes on his post says he’s been taping his mouth shut for two years, claiming it’s helped with snoring, energy levels and sore throat/jaw on waking.

Health and beauty influencer Isabelle Lux claims that breathing through your mouth gives you bad breath, gum disease, cavities, brain fog and a weakened immune system.

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