Monday, July 22

Try these natural remedies if you need to recover from jet lag

After three years of uncertainty and restrictions, 2022 is the year of travel.

Whether it’s a city break to Paris, a beach holiday in Europe or an overseas luxury stay in the Maldives, Brits are holidaying more than ever this year, with long-haul trips proving especially popular.

And who can blame us? After three years trapped on this island, it’s no surprise people are looking to go as far away from the UK as possible.

But there is one problem with long-haul flights: jet lag.

Jet lag, which leaves us feeling lethargic and unable to regulate our sleep cycle, is what happens when we fly across different time zones.

It’s a temporary sleep disorder caused by our circadian rhythms being interrupted, among other factors.

Despite being short-lived, jet lag can be a nuisance, especially when you’re trying to enjoy your holiday – or worse, get back into work once you return.

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