Thursday, February 22

‘After doing a 2-week diet cleanse, I feel lighter, less bloated, but conflicted’

When Alison Izzo was feeling bloated and tired, she turned to a cleanse to help her feel better. But explaining to friends and family reminded her of the unhealthy connotations these programs often carry. Here’s how she navigated the two-week detox, and came out the other side with a fresh perspective.

There’s a hard to explain allure about the idea of ‘getting clean’.

Whether that be Marie-Kondo-ing your wardrobe, kicking your caffeine habit or even doing a mass unfollow on Instagram to clear out your social media feeds – cleansing is cathartic, and leaves us feel lighter (emotionally) and more able to focus on the things that matter.

But when it comes to detoxing your diet, things can get problematic.

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