Tuesday, March 28

Why understanding your personal wellness style matters – and the seven different types

Over the last couple of years, the terms ‘wellness’ and ‘wellbeing’ have become as buzzwordy as ‘self-care’.

Rather than being a genuine practice to improve your own mental and physical health, these words are often used to sell us things like scented candles and life coaches.

Now, practically anything can be labelled wellness – from exercising and socialising to painting and face-masking.

But new research by TUI Blue suggests that the term ‘wellness’ could be doing more harm than good.

It found that 86% of Brits suspect wellness trends may have a negative impact, with more than half (54%) admitting to feeling worse after trying a new fad.

In fact, the overwhelming nature of wellness causes a third of those surveyed to feel like a failure when it comes to maintaining it – which explains why 32% of those surveyed believe a simpler approach to wellbeing would make them happier in general.

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