Tuesday, March 28

Apparently, there’s a ‘vibe shift’ coming, but what will it mean for wellness?

Have you heard the news? According to a now-viral article published by The Cut, there is a ‘vibe shift’ coming – and it’s set to shake-up life as we know it.

This isn’t the first ‘vibe shift’, the article says, but rather, just the latest in a series of ‘vibes’ that describe the dominant social wavelength of the day.

Struggling to compute a) what the hell is going on, b) whether your early morning yoga and oat milk latte ritual is still a ‘vibe’ and c) if you even care? Let’s break it down…

What is a ‘vibe shift’?

Remember ‘normcore’, when everyone wore dad jeans and sneakers without a hint of irony? Well, that was a certified ‘vibe’ during the 2010s, coined by Sean Monahan, founder of trend-forecasting consultancy 8Ball, and former co-founder of art collective K-HOLE.

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