Thursday, June 8

Indy yoga studio aims to make wellness more accessible in underserved communities

INDIANAPOLIS — In Jasmine Morrison’s yoga class, she wants you to feel welcome, no matter your size, color, gender, or age.

“Yoga means unity,” Morrison said.

She’s completed 500 hours of teaching training at the Hot Room. Feeling included is important to Morrison, who said she felt invisible after visiting a boxing studio.

“I felt left out. I was actually the only person of color in a studio. And I never was cued to do anything. I was never told, ‘Hey, instead of do this, try this.’ So I was left thinking I was doing it right … but I wasn’t utilizing my punches. I wasn’t stepping into my fullest expression,” Morrison said.

Creating an inclusive wellness environment is intentional for Hot Room CEO Hye Jin Kalgaonkar.

“A big part of our mission is to create this community where everyone feels welcome. And that starts from our team,” Kalgaonkar said.

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