Tuesday, December 5

5 natural remedies to unblock inflamed sinuses, breathe easy

Sinusitis is not as bad as the common cold. Actually, sufferers swear that it is much worse. Sinuses evolved as a body part with a purpose and serve it well… except for those who suffer chronic congestion and infection. It can be very unsettling when swelling on the insides of the sinus lining disallows proper drainage of nasal fluids and leaves the space clogged.

Sinuses are air-filled spaces behind the bones of the upper face: between the eyes and behind the forehead, nose and cheeks. The sinuses lighten the skull and improve our voices. But the larger function that they are there on the human body is for the main function of producing mucous that moisturises the inside of the nose. Thanks to this design, a marvel of Nature, the mucous layer protects the nose from pollutants, micro-organisms, dust and dirt — thus keeping us healthy and functional.

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