Thursday, June 8

From mindfulness and supplements to medical mushrooms and honey, here are some of the best natural remedies to boost your immune system.

Catching a winter cold and suffering from seasonal sniffles can happen to the best of us, but why do we seem to struggle more during the festive season? The accumulation of late nights combined with social gatherings that include a lot of alcohol and the indulgences of rich, fatty and sugary foods, can all play havoc with our natural resilience and leave us far more susceptible to catching a cold.

To make it even worse, those that really give their immune systems a run for their money by burning the candle at both ends and not topping up on extra vitamins and foods to help recovery, can find it even harder to shake off the symptoms once they come down with a virus. This lack of immunity TLC can usually result in them often having to deal with a chesty cough, tiredness and a runny nose that may linger around for weeks.

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