Saturday, June 10

5 Easy Natural Remedies for Bloating

While bloating may be common, it is never enjoyable. Bloating happens when your gastrointestinal tract is filled with air or gas, and can make you feel overly stuffed. Not only can it be uncomfortable, but you may notice physical signs as well, including a swollen or misshapen belly.

The good news? According to Abby Langer, a registered dietitian in Toronto, not all bloating is bad. Often, she explains, bloating simply means your gut and intestinal bacteria are feasting. Your stomach should not feel hard, and you should not be experiencing severe pain (if you’re experiencing those symptoms, see a doctor—it could be a warning sign).

“Bloating itself is normal after eating,” she says. “But if it’s accompanied by gas, cramps or gastrointestinal symptoms, then it becomes problematic.” Here are five common reasons why bloating happens, and some natural, easy remedies you can use to help keep it at bay.

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