Sunday, December 3

Having migraine? Certain natural remedies can help you get relief

Migraines are annoying, and there’s no denying that. Not only do they cause throbbing pain in your head, but may also lead to nausea, and uneasiness. Its severe form can get debilitating with the body being sensitive to everything, from light to touch and smell. Although taking professional medical assistance is generally advisable, one can significantly reduce it if they follow certain natural remedies.

Remedy 1

Number 1: Stretches help you in getting relief from migraine

There are certain stretches, albeit the gentle ones, which can help control migraines. Here’s a simple one: Relax your body, either in a sitting or in a standing position. Gently bend your neck to the right with your left hand stretched in the air. Stay for 30 seconds and repeat the same in opposite direction. Do this for a couple of times.

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