Monday, May 20

Is organic food really better for you? The hidden truths about your fruit and veggies

The best commute I’ve ever had started in the pre-dawn darkness. Some days it was a struggle to shake off my sleep, but the view of the rising sun above the mist-shrouded Tennessee hills was a comforting sight. The only thing missing was the crow of a rooster, so the farm dogs compensated with wagging tails. After parking in a gravel lot beside the barn, the first step was to pull on my boots.

I spent two summers working on an organic farm near Nashville. It taught me countless life lessons and introduced me to the most down-to-earth people I’ve ever known. I witnessed firsthand the meticulous cultivation of food as it traveled from the soil to a customer’s hand. I learned how to produce the food that feeds communities across the US.

Before working there, I’d say I was obsessed with organic food.

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