Wednesday, December 6

The 5 Best Natural Remedies for a Cough, According to a Doctor

When you’re in the middle of a coughing attack, gasping for breath or struggling to sleep, you can feel helpless to do anything to make it stop.

Not even pharmaceuticals are of much help: A November 2014 ​Cochrane​ review revealed that over-the-counter cough meds performed no better than a placebo.

But get this: Some natural remedies can work surprisingly well. The next time a persistent cough interferes with your shut-eye, job productivity or just everyday living, try one of these “hacks” to soothe your symptoms.

Listen up, honey: This folksy remedy can put the brakes on a cough.

In an April 2021 review in the ​British Medical Journal​, honey was determined to reduce cough frequency and severity better than over-the-counter cough syrup. And an August 2012 study in ​Pediatrics​ maintained that it improved sleep quality when given at bedtime.

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