Monday, July 22

It makes business sense to be GMO-free

OPINION: Are we on the brink of doing the wrong thing for all the right reasons?

I fear that there is an alliance developing, almost by stealth, that will foist genetically modified organisms (GMO) on New Zealand.

The impetus appears to be the need to develop solutions for predator control, or for climate change – through the creation of sterile genes to wipe out, say, possums, or of crops that can resist drought conditions or reduce methane emissions.

Silver bullets to provide easy solutions, so we can go on our merry way without changing our behaviours too much.

This dangerous short-term thinking needs to be challenged.

Physics has taught us that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, delicate ecosystem balances should not be toyed with lightly.

Look at the damage done by introduced predators.

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